Need A Hand? Call us.

For Food Assistance:

Step 1 – Check Eligibility:

1. Do you live in the Southwest Local School District or West Harrison? We only serve families in these areas.

2. Have you received food assistance in the past week from another pantry? We limit food assistance to any individual household to once every other week.

Step 2 – Register for Assistance:

1. Call Christ's Loving Hands at 513-367-7746 for a short interview.

2. In order to receive assistance from us, you must first go through a short interview. We do this to better understand your specific needs and circumstances, ensuring that we provide the most appropriate and effective assistance for you and your family.

Step 3 – Schedule an Appointment:

After registration, we will contact you to schedule an appointment. Appointments are necessary to ensure we can serve everyone efficiently and with care.

Step 4 – Visit Our Food Pantry:

On the day of your appointment:
1. Please arrive at the pantry at your scheduled time.

2. Our friendly pantry volunteers will guide you through the pantry, helping you select items that suit your family's needs.

You can expect a friendly environment, our organization exists to serve you! Call 513-367-7746 to schedule an appointment today.