Christ's Loving Hands
Serving Network

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What is The Serving Network?

The Serving Network is a new communication platform designed to improve collaboration and resource sharing within Harrison, Ohio. 

The goal is to better connect individuals, churches, businesses, and service organizations to better address local needs through service projects, donations, and volunteer opportunities.

How Does It Work?

When signing up, you can select to receive updates about specific areas you’re interested in, such as service projects, food donation needs, furniture donation needs, clothing donation needs, and volunteer opportunities. 

When a need arises in your selected area(s), you’ll receive an email notification with details on how you can help

Who Can Join?
Anyone interested in supporting the Harrison community can join! Whether you’re an individual, representing a church, a local business, or a service organization, your participation is welcome and valued.

Why Join?
Joining the Serving Network is an easy way to be a proactive part of meeting needs in the community in Christ's name. All needs shared through the Serving Network are vetted by Christ's Loving Hands before being shared. This ensures that your efforts, resources, and time are directed towards legitimate needs in our community. 

Submitting a Need

If you or someone you know is facing a challenge or need in the Harrison community, the CLH Safety Net is here to help connect those needs with local resources and volunteers. Submitting a need is a straightforward process:

  1. Contact Christ's Loving Hands: Reach out via our designated contact form, email, or call us.

  2. Provide Detailed Information: Describe the need in detail, including any specific requirements (e.g., type of assistance, items needed, preferred timeline).

  3. Verification Process: All submissions will be reviewed and vetted by Christ's Loving Hands to ensure legitimacy and to match the need with the most appropriate resources and volunteers from our network.

  4. Notification: Once vetted, the need is communicated to our community members who have signed up to receive updates in relevant categories.

This process ensures that assistance is provided efficiently and effectively, fostering a supportive environment where community members look out for one another.