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Donors and volunteers make our ministry possible.

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Donate Funds

Every year, Christ’s Loving Hands gives tens
of thousands of dollars to help families in need. These donations help families to stay in their homes. To keep their lights on and keep the water running.

We are committed to helping as many families as possible, and we are grateful for the support of our donors who give to support us in our mission.

Checks can be made out to Christ’s Loving Hands and mailed to  PO Box 607 Harrison, OH 45030

Every month we give around $3,500 in financial assistance to our neighbors in need. The average assistance amount given is $179 and we typically assist twenty families a month. 

Click below to give the average assistance amont, $179:

Donate Food

Check back here to get up to date lists of the food that is most need at our pantries! You can bring food to us anytime during our office hours, but please call ahead to make sure someone will be there to let you in.

Food Pantry

Most Needed Foods:

Foods Needed Weekly



Snack Packs

(Snack Packs are sent home with students in need of food over the weekends and long breaks.)

Gas Cards

Gas cards are one of our most requested items. If you would like to donate a gas card, please make sure that it is a gas only card. This helps ensure the clients are spending the money on just gas.

You can find gas only cards at Speedway. We typically give cards worth $30 but feel free to donate any amount. 

As with food, you can bring them to us any time during office hours but please call ahead so we can make sure someone is there to greet you.

Alternatively, if you would like to give money for us to buy a gas card on your behalf, click here:

top Volunteer needs

Food Delivery

Many of our clients are housebound due to illness or age, but still need food assistance. We will deliver food assistance to clients who are unable to physically come to the pantry.

Meal Delivery

Make, deliver and share a meal with a housebound neighbor! This is a great way to build relationships with people in our community and share with them the love of Christ, just by taking the time to share a meal with them.

Community Service

We are in need of volunteers who can assist elderly or disabled people with basic household tasks like yard work, cleaning, and organizing and small household maintenance. These opportunities are typically on an as-need basis and you would get an email as needs arise, but could also be ongoing. Level of commitment is up to you.

ACTS Program Developer

Help develop the ACTS Program workbook and process. The aim of ACTS is to help our clients articulate their goals, and then teach them not just one discipline, but the discipline of discipline that they can then apply to many areas of their life.

Grant Writer

Do you have experience writing or winning grants? Join our team and help us secure funds to fuel our mission and support our clients!

Digital Media Manager

The digital media manager would be responsible for creating and managing CLH'S online presence – This would include mostly creating and brainstorming content, but also capturing video or photos during fundraising or service events.

Partnership Coordinator

Partnership Coordinators serve as a liaison between the ministry and our partners, communicating needs and opportunities. This is a critical role in helping the nonprofit achieve its mission and goals.

Exit Interviewer

Walk clients through an exit interview about their experience with the organization, what they liked and didn’t like, and what could be improved. The Exit Interviewer will then bring up any highlights about what went well or poorly with the Executive Director.

Pray For Our Clients

Receive prayer requests and updates about our clients as well as quarterly updates about the ministry.

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